Services we provide

Food Pantry

We are in operation to help meet the needs of the less fortunate families in our surrounding communities.  We know that coming to a food pantry for assistance is a humbling and difficult decision so we strive to make each of our guests feel welcomed.  Since our inception we have striven to ensure that the services we provide are tailored to meet the specific needs of our families in need.  We have our food pantry set up as a mini grocery store so that people can choose the food they need and prefer rather than simply getting a one size fits all box of food.  We also strive to address the underlying source of the crisis and look to provide life skills classes to assist helping individuals succeed in areas they currently struggle with.
At the Center of Hope food pantry we are never looking to judge someone that is in need and treat each of our guests with respect and confidentiality.  Our greatest satisfaction comes when we receive word that prayers were answered for employment, healing or restored relationships. To schedule an appointment to fill out an application call 810-629-5261.


Baby Closet
Having a baby is a true blessing from God, but for families in need it can be a stressful time and a true financial challenge.  We operate a one stop shop for families in need that have children from newborn through size 5T.  We provide anything from diapers and wipes to clothing and equipment and our team of experienced mothers is always available to help new mothers with ideas, life experience and prayers.  We also partner with the Clara’s Hope ministry which is an excellent source of assistance for individuals that are looking for assistance in the area of adoption because every child deserves a family!
The Center of Hope baby closet turns a desperate time of need back into a time of rejoicing and focus on the bundle of joy that has joined the family.  As the child grows we continue to partner with the family in order to provide the ongoing support and training necessary to ensure the family is able to achieve their God given purpose in life.
The Fenton Center of Hope baby closet carries clothing size new born through 5T.  We also carry diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, and baby equipment.  The baby closet is set up for guests to come in and select clothing and items for their babies and young children once per month by appointment.  Call 810-629-5261 to schedule and appointment to fill out an application.


Life Groups
Our life groups meet once per week to study a topic, book or video series in a small group environment.  This is a great atmosphere for personal growth and to build friendships.  These groups meet once per week and normally require a 6-8 week commitment.

We offer a variety of classes that cover topics such as cooking, budgeting, parenting, gardening, crafting, menu planning, nutrition and exercise, just to name a few.  Our classes change month to month.  Contact us if you would like to be updated on our class schedule.

Job Skills
We have an amazing team of qualified individuals that can assist in resume writing, coach you in interview skills, teach computer skills and help you search for employment.  It’s our desire to help encourage those desiring to provide for their families by equipping them with the skills needed to make themselves as prepared as possible for employment in the businesses in our community.